How Yoga Mirrors Can Enhance Your Experience?

Are you thinking of buying a yoga mirrors for your yoga practice? Practicing yoga at home has become the option of many people to stay active and healthy. Yoga is a very noble physical activity with the body, so almost everyone, regardless of age, can do it. Of course, as you practice, the difficulty of the asanas (postures) increases and sometimes makes us wonder if we are doing it right.


When should you use a mirror to do yoga?

The use of mirrors in yoga is a topic of debate in the Yogi community. Yoga is not just a discipline to exercise, it is a practice to connect our body and mind, and certainly mirrors can sometimes be a distraction.

However, new times need new forms. The world is always in constant change, and if we human beings are good at something, it is in adapting. And in the practice of Yoga, there is no exception, the perfect example is the covid-19 pandemic.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, all humans have had to adapt our lives to the new conditions, and many people have changed from practicing yoga in a studio to doing it from home. The number of people who practice yoga also increased, because it is a discipline that does not require much space, and that brings many benefits to those who practice it.

But like everything, practicing yoga at home has its drawbacks. The biggest drawback is that by not having a teacher looking at you in person, there is no one to correct your posture, and this is where mirrors can help a lot.

The feet, the misaligned hips, the stooped back, the poorly positioned shoulders… All this that we have to keep in mind during our practice is obvious when we find our own image in the mirror.


Benefits of practicing yoga with mirrors

If you are practicing yoga at home, the mirror can be a great teacher. Our reflex teaches us when we are not performing a posture correctly, or when we are making a mistake in alignment. Looking in the mirror when doing an asana allows us to correct our posture.

Yoga postures involve the whole body and, especially when we are starting yoga, it is difficult to be aware of all the parts of our body that are involved in the asanas. An incorrect position of the feet, misaligned hips, a hunched back, poorly positioned shoulders… All this that we have to keep in mind during our practice, is obvious when we find our own image in the mirror.

Also, coordination is difficult for many people when starting yoga, and mirrors are a visual aid that can help us to better understand the alignment of each asana and make sure you are in the correct position and angle so you don’t injure yourself.

It is important to keep in mind that yoga is a practice for the mind and soul, and not for the ego. The mirror can be a very useful tool to improve your posture and your practice, if you use it for that purpose. On the contrary, if you take your practice only to the aesthetic aspect, you could provoke a feeling of frustration and even hurt yourself. The important thing about yoga is learning to be aware of your body and listen to it, the asanas you want to achieve will come if you give them the necessary time.


What kind of yoga mirrors are the most suitable?

Ideally, you should have a couple of mirrors to check more than one angle in your posture. But the most important thing is that you can see yourself completely, so that you can check your posture from head to toe. Mirrors doors work very well for this purpose as they allow you to have a complete view of yourself. They are also ideal for any space, even in small apartments, you can save space and give your home a more spacious and bright appearance.

Mirrors can be of great help to our yoga practice, but we must not forget that the main objective is to transform our interior. Like any other material that we use to improve our practice, you must do it consciously and always respecting what your body is trying to communicate to you.

Improve your home with mirror doors

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