My Wardrobe Makeover

My Wardrobe Makeover

I’m a person who sells wardrobe doors, you wouldn’t think I’d need a wardrobe makeover. You’d think my own wardrobe would be well organised, full of gorgeous things and the last thing on the planet I would need would be a wardrobe edit.  I would slide my doors back each morning, smile and know instantly what I was going to wear.

Well, no, it didn’t work like that at all. Each morning I would slide back my gorgeous doors (aluminium in black glass and a red glassen insert in case you were wondering!) and peer at the drab unorganised array. Then, sighing I would wander off in search of tea, (Yorkshire of course) still wondering what on earth to wear.

Wardrobe Makeover SOS Call

So I enlisted the services of Jackie Crawford, a Yorkshire based independent Image Consultant. I met Jackie last year when I had an Image Analysis as a treat for my BIG birthday. Jackie promises an image analysis as time to

wardrobe edit

Jackie Crawford

“assess the colours that enhance your natural characteristics, balance your body shape and determine the clothing style that best reflects your lifestyle and personality. You will learn how to create a look that maximises the positive aspects of your body, presenting you at your most authentic and greatest potential based on my personal style preferences.”

I have to say my image analysis back in November was quite life changing in terms of choosing clothes and shopping and was a huge boost to my confidence. I learnt what colours suited me (not black!) what my style was (classic with a touch of drama,) and the type of clothes that suited my tall slim frame (not the ones I had been wearing).

So even though I knew all this, I still struggled with sorting out what I already had. I had removed all the colours from my wardrobe that I knew didn’t suit me, mainly black, and was left with, well….stuff!

I sent an SOS message to Jackie, please come and help me with my wardrobe. Jackie suggested we did a wardrobe makeover, telling me “Your ‘Wardrobe Edit’ session helps create a balanced selection of clothes that match ease of use with your lifestyle.”  Perfect I thought, and this is what we did.

The Grand Plan

  1. Before Jackie arrived, I’d collected all my worldy apparel in 1 space, clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery.
  2. Then we took each piece of clothing in my wardrobe and considered…
      • Did I actually like it?
      • When did I last wear it?
      • On what occasions would I wear it?
      • Was it still in good condition (check for holes, bobbles, shape)
      • Were the colours right for me?
      • Did it still fit?
      • What would I wear it with?
  3. I tried lots of clothes on, and paired with things Jackie suggested, that I never would have thought of putting together.
  4. Clothes that were good to go went back in the wardrobe, the rest went in the wardrobe makeover exit pile.
  5. Jackie labelled some items with instructions for example ‘1 season left’.
  6. We created some new outfits
  7. I discovered some clothes I’d forgotten even existed
  8. We reorganised. You can reorganise into outfits, types such as shirts, trousers, dresses etc. I wanted mine organising into colours. I’m not sure how that’s going to help me each morning, but it certainly makes me feel better when I open those doors!
  9. Then finally we made a list of items that I need to shop for, my favourite part.

So, all in all I’m quite delighted with my wardrobe makeover. I feel like I have more clothes, even though I have less. I can actually see what I have to wear. Now when I swish back my wardrobe doors, instead of sighing despondently, I smile and feel happy.

If you’re interested in Jackie’s services you can contact her via her website http://www.jackiecrawford.co.uk/

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Some Newly Discovered Outfits from my Wardrobe Makeover

wardrobe makeover outfit 4

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