Measuring Guide for Mirrored Doors


Important information



Firstly remember that accurate measuring is the key to great fitting mirrored doors.


You are measuring the opening that the doors need to fit, we will then make the adjustments to ensure the doors fit, you do not need to make any allowance for the running gear.


Follow these tips to make sure your measuring is as good as it can be.

  • Ask someone to help you measure. It’s easier with two people.
  • Keep the tape measure tight, if it sags your measurements may be wrong.
  • Work in millimetres, it’s more accurate.
  • Check each measurement at least once.
  • Measure at the point your mirrored doors will run, not against the back of the wall. (this is normally 640mm from the back wall)
  • Allow for any coving or skirting boards, you may need to remove this as your doors need to run wall to wall (or end panel)
  • If you are not fitting wall to wall, measure your width to where you want your wardrobe to end.
  • Don’t measure until you’ve finished any major decorating or plastering.
  • Remember that if you’re going to change the carpet or lay new flooring this might affect the height.

Number 1

Measure your width

The maximum width is 4000mm for the Express system and 5000mm for the Deluxe.

Measure your width in 3 places. Write these measurements down and note the smallest measurement.


Measuring the width of your wardrobe for mirrored doors


Number 2

Measure your height

The maximum height is 2600mm. Measure at each end and every meter in between. Write these measurements down and note the smallest measurement.


Measuring the height of your room for mirrored doors


Number 3

Submit your measurements

And finally enter the smallest width and smallest height into the door designer


Please note important information

If your height or width varies by more than 20mm square up your space to ensure accurate fitting of your mirror doors.
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