10 + Creative Girl’s Bedroom Ideas Any Girl Would Love

Girl’s bedroom ideas is perhaps some  of the most fun and exciting room ideas to design and decorate. Girls can be really meticulous and detailed when it comes to decorating their rooms but the process is surprisingly not that difficult. Unlike designing other interior spaces with certain design styles or periods, a girl’s bedroom design more than anything else should reflect her style and taste in fashion. Her favourite things, colours, and just any other girly stuff should be placed in her room in the most stylish and adorable way possible. Every girl wants their bedroom to look aesthetically pleasing – like it came straight out of a Pinterest board. But alongside the visual factors, a girl’s bedroom should also be designed for convenience that will make her feel comfortable and safe.


Here we’ve compiled Creative Girl’s Bedroom Ideas that every girl will surely fall in love with.


Funky and Creative


A bedroom that is brimming with colours, patterns and a touch of creative décor makes any girl’s bedroom look a lot more interesting. Adding funky wall décor and graphic artworks and prints on the walls is a great way to personalize the room. Don’t be afraid to make design experiments and be bold in using paint colours as well as fabric patterns. Create a focal point within the room. It could be a colour blocked wall behind your bed or a huge patterned tapestry hanging above your headboard. Huge art graphic prints also make for great statement wall pieces.


The Artist Type


The artist vibe girl’s-bedroom-interior is gaining a lot of attention among teenage girls. Girls at this stage tend to be more inquisitive and adventurous. Things like learning to play a new instrument, dancing, singing, painting, writing, and even sewing are the things that interest them and they would want to try to do these things for fun and exploration. It is important to design with the room owner’s best interest in mind. Incorporate the artist’s vibe interior design by adding things that will help her encourage her artistic endeavours. Place a desk or study area, and make sure that the bedroom layout allows for good footpath navigation and access.


Cute and Playful Girl’s Bedroom Ideas

girl's bedroom ideas

When it comes to a girl’s bedroom, cute and playful never seems to go out of style. It’s a very simple and easy decorating scheme. For kids and tweens, this bedroom design idea would be perfect for a start. Kids love to play and sometimes their bedroom can get really messy. Keep the décor to a bare minimum and add a pop of artistic elements with patterned wallpapers. Incorporate fluffy items such as throw pillows and bean bags. A cute and playful theme for a girl’s bedroom is effortless. Even the girl’s collection of stuffed toys and dolls is enough to pull off the desired girl-bedroom interior look.


Minimalist Chic


As girls start to mature, they are more precise about what they want in their room. Their style changes and they become influenced and interested in a lot of things. At this point, their lifestyle, study, and work scheme would become the main factor to take into account when designing and decorating their room. A lot of girls love the minimalist chic style. Of course, who wouldn’t? It’s stylish, sophisticated, and practical without losing the girl power vibe.


Bohemian Vibe


There are a lot of factors why the boho style is very popular among girls – not just in fashion but also in interior design and home décor. The bohemian style mirrors a life of independence, eccentricity, freedom, and artistic expression. Boho style is primarily rooted in nature. It is most likely composed of organic elements and furniture pieces made out of natural materials such as rattan, wood, wicker, and jute. Indoor plants also add vibrancy and make the room look refreshing. Boho is a design statement that induces a stress-free environment that would make any girl want to laze around in their bedroom and feel at home.


Feel like a Princess


Fact: When you hear of the words “girl’s bedroom ideas” the first thing that comes into your mind is the picture of a Victorian castle-like princess bedroom. Many if not all girls do dream of having a princess-themed bedroom. If you are going for the princess vibe bedroom, the first step that you need to do is to stick to a particular colour scheme. You can choose pink, deep blue, or a combination of gold and white for a more royalty feel. Add a vanity table and decorate with light fixtures and window treatments. Of course, don’t forget the princess bed! It’s the cherry on top!


Pretty in Pink


Another fact: Pink wasn’t always a girly colour. It was only in the 1950s when the colour pink became popular among girls when fashion designers started to dress women in pretty garbs in pink. It influenced a lot of people and soon the pink-fever-girly-colour spread across not just in the fashion industry but also in other fields of design as well. there’s no denying it, pink is indeed a pretty colour. It’s the perfect hue that evokes the impression of modesty and power without being too glaringly bold.


Cottagecore Vibe


Cottagecore aesthetic inspired by the beauty and peacefulness of rural country living. It is rooted in traditional interiors mixed with a farmhouse vibe. Cottagecore started to gain popularity on Pinterest and social media platforms like Instagram and Tiktok. Many girls jumped into the trend captivated by its nostalgic and fairy-like vibe. It’s easy and simple to incorporate the cottagecore look in your bedroom. Think of organic materials, shabby furniture pieces, lovely hanging plants, and handmade crafts on Etsy.


Nordic Magic


There’s just something about the Nordic-inspired design that keeps design and home décor enthusiasts captivated by it. The Nordic design originated in Scandinavian countries and is mostly characterized by modesty and practicality. Its design concept is all about creating a snug and comfortable space. It’s an ideal bedroom design for girls who are living in countries up north where the winters can sometimes be dark and long. This bedroom design features a subtle colour palette with a little pop of colour, complemented by wooden organic design elements. Fluffy items such as wool rugs, hand-knitted chunky blankets, and throw pillows are added to top the look.


Pastel Hues


Pastel colours make the room look bright and airy. It’s the signature paint colour palette commonly seen in nurseries. Well, little girls just love the magic and dreamy vibe that these colours bring into their imaginations. To decorate with this theme, choose decors that complement the pastel colour scheme. Materials like wood also go well with this style. Add a touch of personality by placing geometric wall elements, paintings, and a stylish table lamp or floor lamp. Having an open storage shelf adds depth and volume to the subtle composition. Shelves can also be used to keep the toys organized and display cute décor items and girly stuff.


Stylish Twin Girls’ Bedroom


Designing a twin girl’s bedroom is not just about putting two identical beds in one room. Since two girls are going to occupy the space, regardless of whether they are twins or not, these girls have different preferences and styles. This is something that a designer should take into account to come up with a coherent design composition that both girls will love. A way to do this is to stick to a neutral colour scheme. This colour scheme will serve as a guide for the overall design. Keep the beddings simple and stylish. If the room is small, incorporate a Mirrored Wardrobe door to create the illusion of more space. This will add visual interest to the room and make it look brighter.


Blush and Gray


Another girl’s bedroom design style that is gaining attention in the design world, is the play of contrast in colour, material, and texture. Gray and pink are considered a perfect combination for creating a cosy warm bedroom feel with a touch of something sophisticated and contemporary. The combination of these colours is not girly all the way which is ideal for girls who are also into darker shades and neutrals like black and white.


The Mirror Wardrobe


Mirrors are important for girls. It’s basically the most important thing that can’t go missing in their bedrooms. There are different ways to decorate with mirrors. You can choose to hang a rounded mirror, or a full-length sized mirror pushed up against the wall. But the most convenient way of incorporating a huge mirror into your bedroom without having to worry about the right placement is to opt for a mirror wardrobe. Having a mirror wardrobe will make your room look more spacious. Its design is sleek and modern which evokes a very contemporary feel to your interiors.


What are your favourites among these girl’s bedroom ideas? Let us know in the comments or reach us through email! Tell us how we can help. We’d love to hear your insights!

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