Frequently Asked Questions – Sliding, Pivot and Bifold Mirror Wardrobe Doors



Whats the difference between Express and Deluxe?

Click here to understand the difference between the Express and Deluxe mirror doors. 

Do I need to account for the top and bottom tracks when I send you my measurements?

No, just send us the opening width and height in mm, we will make any adjustment required, and ensure your mirror wardrobe doors will fit the measurements you’ve given us.

Are the tracks included?

Yes, top and bottom tracks are included with your order free of charge, you do not need to order them separately.

How do I measure?

Please see our measuring guide.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver all over mainland UK. Please note however that delivery to some parts of Scotland is higher.

How much is delivery?

Delivery to England and Wales is £90. Delivery to Scotland starts from £90. Your total delivery charge will be displayed in your basket prior to purchase.

What are the dimensions of the tracks? (Sliding Wardrobe Doors)

The top track measures 84mm x 44mm

Wardrobe door top track measures 84mm x 44mm

The bottom track measures 63.8mm x 8mm

Wardrobe door bottom track measures 63.8mm x 8mm


What’s the maximum/minimum width?

The longest track length is 5000mm, if you wanted to go longer than this you would need to fit 2 tracks together. The smallest width we recommend is 775mm.


Can I fit the track directly to the floor?

Yes, you can, if the surface is level and firm. If you are fitting directly to carpet you should fit a liner first.


What is the maximum height of Mirror Wardrobe Doors you supply

The maximum height we supply is 2490mm. We can make doors larger in some finishes, in a split panel door for a surcharge, please contact us for a quote.


What’s included?

In your mirror wardrobe door delivery will be the following

  • Made to measure mirror doors complete with the pre-fitted hardware.
  • Top and bottom tracks for your doors to fit in to.

You will need to

  • Cut the top and bottom track to length
  • Purchase screws and wall plugs
  • Fit tracks
  • Fit doors

Do you have a showroom?

We no longer have a showroom as the overheads outweighed the benefits. The upside to this is we can offer really competitive online prices.


I can’t find what I want, can I get a quote?

Yes, please use our contact page if there’s something you can’t see on our website.