Fitting Deluxe Mirrored Sliding Doors

Here’s our detailed how to illustrated guide to fitting your Deluxe Mirrored Sliding Doors. Precise fitting of your mirror doors will give you years of trouble free sliding storage space.


The tracks allow the doors to smoothly by pass each other. The doors are carried by wheeled bottom rollers. The top track features 2 channels allowing the doors to pass each other.

Each door is held in place by top guides, meaning all the sliding door weight is distributed evenly over the bottom sliding panel track.



1      Fit the tracks

  • Fix the top track with screws, offsetting its flat surface by 2 mm from the door face (inwards). Install the top track with the shade line facing forward in order to mask ceiling irregularities.
  • Fix the bottom track on the floor, offsetting it 10 mm (x = 10 from the door face (inwards).
  • Fit the concealer strip to the bottom track to hide the screws.
  • Advice: Before you start installation use a detector to make sure there is no electrical wiring at the screw fixing points. Avoid applying excessive force when tightening screws to prevent track deformation. Use flat-head screws for best results. The surface to which the track is fixed must be flat.


2      Fit the Soft Close

  • Mark 80mm from the end of the track to the front of the soft close tab. Drill and screw the soft close tab into the top track. 


3      Install the Mirrored Sliding Doors

  • Fit into the top track first and then position the bottom

Fitting aluminium mirror door

5        Adjust Mirrored Sliding Doors position

Adjust the doors up or down, either side, to activate the soft close and align the doors, using a 4mm allan key, so that the doors fit tightly against the wall along the entire length and the soft close is activated. Door-to-floor clearance is adjustable between 11 and 20 mm (3 to 12 mm from the bottom track).

Adjust aluminium doors