In Feng Shui, mirrors have incredibly unique abilities. Known to have harmonizing powers, promote
health, wellbeing, luck, and prosperity – the possibilities are endless with this ancient practice. However, if
done incorrectly, you may risk dispersing broken energy in your home. Read on to discover the basic
uses of mirrors in Feng Shui to enhance the flow in your bedroom:

The Principles of Feng Shui Mirrors

In Feng Shui, mirrors are synonymous with absorption, expansion, and reflection. They have a truly
wonderful ability to extend smaller bedroom spaces as well as reflect their beauty. The ultimate goal is to
create space where energy flows uninterrupted, using a few organizational rules to double their positive
powers. When deciding where you should place mirrors in your bedroom, there are various principles in
which you should consider, to avoid clutter and promote fluid energy circulation. Here are some mistakes
you should avoid:

Awkward Shapes

When choosing what mirrors to have fitted in your wardrobe, it’s a rule of thumb that cut-off shapes are
always a bad idea. Opt for full, elongated styles where you can see from your feet to the top of your head.
This encourages the idea of ‘wholeness’, which promotes a well-rounded approach to life and wellbeing.
The types of mirrors commonly used in Feng Shui are:

  • Classic: depicting round, oval, and square styles
  • Convex: mirrors that bounce off light in multiple directions
  • Concave: usually placed outside by space entrances

Classic and convex styles are most commonly found in the bedroom, to attain, accumulate, and release
harmonious flow inside your home.

Facing Your Bed

According to Feng Shui, if you are struggling to sleep, a mirror in the bedroom might be the culprit. Mirrors
that face your bed are well-known to cause bad dreams, restless nights, and return energies released
during sleep right back to you. Bed-facing mirrors can even be perceived as a ‘third-party’ – often linked
to adultery, which can disrupt and ultimately destroy energy between you and your partner. If your mirrors absolutely must face the bed, try covering them using a curtain rail hanging from the ceiling to see if your
sleep improves.

Feng Shui Mirrors Above The Bed

In general, mirrors placed above the bed are also seen negatively in Feng Shui. Asides from the fact it
could drop right on your head while you sleep, it can block your ‘chi’ energy, and prevent luck and
abundance. Try placing a mirror on the wall that reflects the door but not your bed, giving you clear
visibility when lying down.

Mirrors Inside Your Wardrobe

Another fantastic tip from Feng Shui is placing full-length mirrors inside your wardrobe, as opposed to
outside of them, where they are prone to enhancing excessive energy flow while you sleep. Although it’s
difficult to find space for mirrors in your bedroom without them facing the bed directly, that doesn’t mean
you can’t have them at all. Just remember to keep your closet organized – because mirrors are known to
double the energy that is projected. Messy closet equates to messy energy – be careful!

If you’re moving into a brand new home and want to enhance your luck and prosperity, then be sure to
place your mirrors according to these essential Feng Shui rules to radiate positive energy for yourself and
your loved ones all year round.

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