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Summer is finally here and it’s time to implement awesome summer bedroom styles. Gone are the days of cozy blankets and fluffy quilts. Say bye-bye to them and welcome your bedroom for the summer ahead. Do the things you have been thinking of all this while but kept postponing them due to some or the other reason.

Summer is a great time to give a new, refreshing look to your bedroom. Here are some helpful summer bedroom decorating ideas that you can follow to make your bedroom summer friendly.

Clean and Organize

This is the best time to indulge in summer bedroom cleaning. Unnecessary things pile up over the cold, chilly months, and now it is the perfect time to throw away all the unwanted stuff. Make some room for the air and the sun. Empty the bedroom and thoroughly clean the carpet and the floor. Re-arrange the furniture in a different way, discarding the items that you no longer use. See the magic it does to your bedroom.

Allow the Sunshine into the Room

Give a nice scrub to your windows and make them look sparkling clean. Remove the heavy winter drapes and opt for thin, light curtains. They help in circulation of the air and sunlight. Check the windows for any visible cracks and breakages. If the windows are not sealed in place, summer is an ideal time for insects to invade your home. If need be, get the windows repaired or changed. These summer bedroom styles will garner a lot of attention from you and your loved ones.

Brighten up with Summer Bedroom Styles

summer bedroom colorsWinters are all about subtle colors and dark hues. Isn’t it boring for the eyes? Decorate your space with summer bedroom colors that are bright and vibrant. You can get the walls painted or another option is to change the bed sheets and bedspreads. Different color combinations play a major role in your moods.

Make the Room Lively

A room with lovely flowers comes alive on any given day. Set up flowers in your bedroom and also get some potted plants. They maintain fresh air, and greenery is good for the senses. One more summer bedroom décor tip is matching the upholstery with floral patterns and nature prints.

Make the Bedding Light

It is proven that we sleep better when the conditions are cold. Replace the thick and warm quilts with light and airy bed sheets. If possible, place the bed near a window so you can relax in the cool breeze. Wooden blinds are recommended for summers so that the heat is not trapped inside the house. This  will give a new angle to your existing room.

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