10 + Unique and Creative Extra Storage Hacks You Can Do at Home!

Creating Extra Storage Space – The most important feature that we look for when finding a house or apartment to buy is storage spaces. We want a house with lots of storage where we can store and keep all our stuff organized. But here’s the thing. No matter how many storage areas your house has, if you don’t know how to declutter and organize them properly, then most likely it still would be a terrible mess.
Even if you have a small limited space, you don’t have to worry much because surely, there is a certain storage idea that will be fit for your home and you can simply do it by yourself. We’ve gathered the best extra storage hacks below to give you more options on what storage idea is perfect for your home.

Delve in!

1. Staircase Storage

You’ve probably seen this on DIY blogs and Pinterest boards. I think everybody can agree that the space under the stairs is the most ideal space that can be converted into a storage area. There are a lot of ways to make use of that space under your stairs. You can create a bookshelf, a shoe rack, or general storage where you can place extra items like cleaning essentials, hardware, and other home repair equipment. You can also transform the steps into drawers if you have very limited space like those in small apartments and condo units.

2. Bedframe Drawers

This storage hack also tops the list of the most common storage ideas. Well, why not right? Leaving the space under your bed empty will only make it a haven for cobwebs. Might as well use it as an area to store your extra stuff like beddings, sheets, pillows, and blankets. That way, your closet won’t be too packed and your bedroom will look less cluttered and more organized. Bedframe drawers are also perfect for a kid’s room as kids tend to have a lot of stuff, not just clothes, but books, stuff animals, and toys. If you don’t want to modify your bedframe, you can always opt for storage boxes and organizers and just slid them on the space under the frame.

3. Storage Couch

Storage couches are convenient, functional, and very practical, especially in today’s modern world. If you live in a small house, chances are, chesterfields and huge modular sofas won’t work in your living area. And while they are comfortable and fab, these types of seating won’t be too functional for you. So, consider investing in a storage sofa or couch. Sofas with storage often have a sleek and modern look. They are also easy to maintain and you can basically store whatever you want in these storage spaces. You can also leave it empty so when your friends or relatives came over to your house, they can use the storage underneath the sofa to place their stuff.

4. Headboard Shelf

Headboard shelves are ideal for small bedrooms. There are many designs of headboard storage that you can do in your bedroom. If you’re into a more minimalistic look, you can incorporate a simple headboard like a slender table. This style works best for contemporary and Scandinavian bedroom look. If you have no space for a bedside table, this type of headboard can definitely serve as a nightstand as well.

5. Creating Extra Storage Space Behind Mirrors

Mirrors have a lot of benefits in a space. Having a mirror whether for functional use or a décor item, can instantly enhance the aesthetic appearance of your interior. Mirrors brighten up the space and make your room feel and look more spacious. Another benefit of mirrors is that they take up almost zero space and you can mount them on any surface whether on walls, doors, or simply lean them up against a wall. The next time you think of putting up a mirror somewhere in your house, think about functional ways to incorporate it such as medicine cabinets with a mirror, storage doors with mirrors, or perhaps, the most popular among all, transform your closet doors into mirrors!

6. Storage Ottoman

ottoman bed

Photo from https://www.justottomans.co.uk/

This type of storage hack is perfect for a nursery room or kid’s playroom. Ottomans come in a variety of designs. They are simple and comfortable and look very stylish everywhere you place them. Ottomans with storage are as simple as a box with a lid. It is modest in design and very practical. My best friend has an Ottoman bed, she keeps her very vast collection of shoes in there! 

7. Window Seat with Storage

The window seat with storage is a classic design. This concept started way back in the 18th century. If you’ve seen the movie “Emma” and the popular Netflix series “Bridgerton”, you have probably seen these gorgeous Georgian mansions during the Regency era in England. These mansions have the window seat feature with storage. This design feature shares similarities with the Victorian window seats usually incorporated in bay windows.

8. Magnetic Wall Organizer

The magnetic wall organizer is a great storage hack commonly used in kitchens and home offices. It is an extra storage space where you can place small stuff like your phone, car keys, and pens. If you don’t like seeing small stuff scattered on your table or kitchen countertops, get a magnetic wall organizer and put it up on your wall or stick it on your freezer, and voila! You have instant extra storage space for convenience.

9. Creating Extra Storage Space in the Bedroom

The most common clutter in the bedroom is laundry. Sometimes, when we change our clothes after a long tiring day, we tend to leave them hanging on chairs, or at the foot of our bed. To avoid making such clutter, prepare a laundry bag at the foot of your bed. Wicker baskets are also a great laundry storage option. They look stylish and simple and can actually be a room décor! For bedrooms with limited spaces, hang a laundry bag behind your door or bathroom door.

10. Hidden Shelves

Hidden shelves are unique for every home. The trick to incorporate a hidden shelf is to look for extra and empty space in your house that you can convert into a storage area. These spaces can be a nook in your kitchen where you can place tiny shelvings to place spice jars and other cooking essentials. You can also incorporate hidden shelves on bedroom walls. Perhaps the most common is the hidden door bookshelf. You can also use this trick to connect rooms like the master bedroom and home office. Another somewhat similar thing is hidden door panels. This works on bedroom closets, storage under staircases, and kitchen pantry.

11. Pantry Door Shelf

Depending on the size of your house, your pantry can be a walk-in room or a double door cabinet pushed up against the wall. Either way, you can use the pantry door as an extra shelf as well. There are a variety of ways to do this. You can put a door rack organizer where you can place bottled food products and just basically anything that will fit into the rack. Avoid overcrowding though because the rack may not be able to bear the weight and might fall off. To ensure that it is safe and secure, you can opt for a shelving design.

12. Creating Extra Storage Space Behind Doors

Maximize your wardrobe storage by placing hooks on the back of your closet doors. You can use this to hang your sling bags, hats, belts, purses, and coats. Having this feature on your closet can also make your cleaning and decluttering process easy because you will always have that extra storage space where you can simply hang everyday stuff to keep your room neat and organized.

13. Underfloor Storage

Inspired by the Japanese way of storing their food, underfloor storage is also being acknowledged and admired by home design enthusiasts, and DIY remodelers. Imagine having hidden storage space under your floorboards. It’s an amazing feature and a great space-saving method! You can use this storage space to store things that you only use occasionally or try the Japanese way and use it as a mini-fridge to store and preserve food. You can simply search it up on the internet and look for DIY tutorials and blogs on how this underfloor storage works.

14. Creative Racks

From kitchens to closets, and study rooms, there is almost always ways of Creating Extra Storage Space that you can incorporate in nooks and crannies for extra storage. Racks are super convenient when it comes to organizing your stuff. You can have a kitchenware rack on your sink to dry dishes, and you can also have another to place your pots, pans, mugs, and teacups. You can also find racks for books and stationaries to keep your home office free of unnecessary clutter.

There you have it! What storage idea do you think would fit best for your space? Plan and start organizing now because one thing is for sure – clutter has no room in your home. Also check out our Spring Cleaning Checklist

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