This Christmas may be a little different from what you expected, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in the holiday spirit and add some festive decor to your home. It’s a time where you can really go all out, get creative and bring some Christmas cheer to every room. Whether you want to buy your decorations or take on some seasonal DIY projects, there are plenty of ways that you can get your house feeling festive. Here are 10 Christmas decor ideas to get you started.

Festive Garland

Garlands are an easy way to add a festive feel to the home. You can drape them over your mantelpiece, wind them around the bannister or hang them up around a door for some instant Christmas cheer – adding a garland to a mirror door can make a real style statement. There are garlands out there to suit every style of interior, from simple frosted white leaves to brightly coloured strings of Christmas baubles, ribbons and flashing LED lights. For a simple DIY option, you could make your own garland with pine cones, dried citrus fruits or leftover decorations from your Christmas tree. Why not get the kids involved for a fun, seasonal project that will keep you all entertained.

Christmas Centrepiece

There are lots of fun ideas for giving the classic table centrepiece a seasonal twist, and many can be achieved by giving simple tweaks to items you already have. You could fill a bowl or vase with baubles, wrap garlands around your candle holders or add a festive floral arrangement to your table. You could fill jars with pinecones and berries or keep things simple with a bunch of Christmas greenery. Whatever you decide on, it’s sure to add a bit of fun to your table this December.

Wreath Christmas Decor Ideas

Nothing says Christmas quite like a statement wreath, a classic addition to any festive decor. You needn’t feel confined to your front door either, with wreaths adding a decorative touch to walls, windows, staircases and more. While there are plenty of beautiful options out there to buy, making your own wreath is easier than it looks (you could even make one using twigs and plants from your very own garden).


Get hold of a wire or styrofoam ring in the desired size, and you can get creative making your very own wreath that’s a perfect fit for your home. You can use real or faux foliage and flowers, ribbons, material or even woollen pom poms. There are lots of ingenious ideas out there that you can make your own.

Festive Stockings homemade christmas stocking

Stockings are a whimsical and nostalgic way to decorate this festive period, conjuring up memories of coming down the stairs early on Christmas morning and finding all the presents that Santa left behind. If you’d like to make your own stockings there are plenty of easy tutorials online, some of which don’t even require any sewing. Get crafty with different colours and materials, or even personalize your stockings with the names of all your family. If you don’t have a fireplace you don’t have to miss out on this Christmas decor idea. You could hang stockings along your bannister, on doors, on the wall or on a bed frame.

Festive Porch

Don’t let indoors get all the love! There are lots of ways you can decorate your front door on top of your annual Christmas wreath. Swap out the candles in your outdoor lanterns for festive greenery or shiny baubles, or add some mini Christmas trees in their own festive pots. You could try twinkling solar lights that will turn on when it’s dark, or add vintage finds like a wooden sledge or ice skates to create a nostalgic Christmas scene. A few decorative touches will help spread some Christmas cheer to everyone who passes by!

Christmas Candles

christmas candlesThere are certain scents that you can’t help but associate with Christmas. There’s the warm spiciness of gingerbread and Christmas pudding or the earthy aroma of pine, the citrus smells of mulled wine and the smoky scent of a crackling fire. Candles are not only the easiest way to introduce some festive smells into your home, but they also make for great seasonal decoration.

Put your candles in glass vases or jars or group them together in threes. Place them in front of your fire or pride of place on the dining room table. Make them look extra festive by wrapping some ribbon around the base or surrounding them with some tree decorations. If you’d prefer your candles without the scents, there are lots of Christmas candles out there in seasonal shapes like trees or pine cones, or with decorative motifs printed onto the wax.

Faux Fur Christmas Decor Ideas

This year more than ever we’ve been seeking comfort in our homes, and embracing a Hygge look this Christmas is a great way to do it. Get some Scandinavian style in your home by adding in some faux fur cushions or faux-sheepskin rugs, creating a cosy Winter lodge aesthetic. You can drape the rugs over your dining room chairs or bench, or add a faux fur throw to your sofa and later it up with some textured cushions. You can get your hands on a faux fur Christmas tree skirt or even add in some faux fur tree decorations. This look works brilliantly with a more neutral colour scheme, with the option to use the rugs and cushions all year round.

Christmas Sweets

Add a bit of sweetness into your life this Christmas by decorating with festive sweets. While lots of people hang candy canes on their tree each year, there are lots of other ways that you can use seasonal sweets to decorate your home this winter. You can stick red and white swirled peppermints onto styrofoam letters to spell out some decorative Christmas words or onto Christmas tree shapes to make a table decoration.


You can melt them into cookie cutters to create your own ornaments or even make your own Christmas wreath. Candy canes can be strung around the house or made into a festive garland. You can get really creative with this one, with hundreds of tutorials out there that will make for a fun DIY project for you and the kids to enjoy.

Christmas Tree

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the tree! The centrepiece of many homes, there’s something so special about the ritual of decorating the tree each year. But this December why not switch it up and overhaul your Christmas decor? Perhaps you’d like to change your tree’s colour scheme or experiment with a different style of decorations.


Now’s the time to think ahead to plan out what your ideal Christmas tree would look like. Maybe this year you don’t want a traditional tree at all, and would rather go for a miniature option or one made out of feathers or wood. Or maybe you’d like to get the whole family involved and make your decorations. Have a look online for some homemade Christmas Decor Ideas you might like to try.

Christmas Decor Ideas – Soft Furnishings

A simple swap to make your home feel more like Christmas is to change your usual soft furnishings over for those with a festive theme. This could be a red tartan throw in place of your usual sofa blanket, Christmas patterned placemats at dinner or Fairisle towels hanging up in the bathroom. This low commitment approach to your Christmas decor can be easily changed up whenever you please. To make sure it all stays in tip-top condition the rest of the year, store your festive pieces in a vacuum bag. This will not only help to protect them but will also ensure they take up as little room as possible, allowing them to be easily stored away in a wardrobe or cupboard.


Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year, and bringing some seasonal decor into your home can really help get you in the Christmas spirit. Even if this year’s celebrations might be more low key, there’s no reason you can’t make the most of your festive decorations. Whether you want to make a few simple tweaks or give your Christmas look a complete overhaul, we hope that we have given you some inspiration for updating your Christmas Decor Ideas this year.

From everyone at Mirrors Direct, we wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.